Juniper - Open-source video library



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Juniper Video Library lets you browse and search your local videos easily and it tags them automatically using a trained deep convolutional neural network.

Privacy note: All video content processing is done offline in Juniper Video Library without 3rd party services, including AI video tagging.


SARA - Spot array analyzer



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SARA is a high throughput automatic microarray image analysis tool that was made for the University of Turku, Department of Biochemistry. It scans individual spot locations from up to 300 images at once and exports the array intensities to an Excel file. SARA uses an efficient algorithm that finds the array grid and automatically searches and adjusts each spot location. What takes hours of manual image processing and analysis, SARA can do within seconds.


3D surface model


Image collages





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CrystalMath is an image analysis software for calculating particle dimensions from transmission electron microscopy images. It provides a semi-automatic interface for selecting and calculating particle sizes in large quantities. CrystalMath is designed  for use in research and production quality control.

Selecting and measuring particles

Measuring coated particles


CrypTego - Password manager



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CrypTego is built on highly secure AES-256 encryption accompanied with randomly salted SHA-512 hashing which provides an extremely strong safe for the passwords.


Everything is concealed inside a digital image. It’s hard to steal passwords if you don’t know where to look for.


The project is supported by donations. There are no advertisements and it doesn’t cost anything to use.


CrypTego password manager keeps all the passwords safe behind a single master password. This way you only have to remember one password and you can still use separate and secure passwords for different places. CrypTego runs on desktop Windows and Android™ devices.

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Biorec - Bioreactor controller



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Biorec is an open source control software for BioFlo® series bioreactors / fermentors. It features process control panel, customizable graph area, database logging, user programming environment and email alarms.


Byte analyzer



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This is a reverse engineering tool that was made to work out unknown file format byte structures. A file is loaded to the program and it will display the user specified range of bytes in Hex., Dec., ASCII and binary. This tool has been very useful when figuring out not so well documented raw image file header structures.

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No installation is required. (Works also on Windows XP, but this requires .NET framework 4.0. Available from Microsoft's support website)
Current version: 2.1 Release date: 21.08.2015