Computer vision and deep learning


computer vision and deep learning

Hi, I'm Joni and I design and build computer vision software. The fields of machine learning and computer vision are rapidly advancing and I like to learn and try out the latest trends.

My experience ranges from imaging to computer vision and UI/UX development. I mainly use Java for Android, Swift for iOS and .NET for Windows. I have a background in biotechnical research and most of my work has been designed for image analysis and quality control of manufacturing processes. Currently, I implement and combine novel vision technologies to develop innovative software products.

I'm looking for opportunities where I can further improve my skills and where I can apply my previously gained experience.


    Python, Java, Swift, Kotlin, VB.NET, C#

  • Computer vision

    Object recognition, photogrammetry, image stitching, segmentation, OpenCV

  • Machine learning, PyTorch, Keras, object detection, instance segmentation, GANs

University of Turku Kaivogen


Joni Juvonen
Joni Juvonen
Computer vision and machine learning software engineer
Master of Science in Technology, Biotechnology. Experience in machine vision, machine learning & software development.


Thanks for your interest! Please include the necessary details in your message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.