CrypTego is built on highly secure AES-256 encryption accompanied with randomly salted SHA-512 hashing which provides an extremely strong safe for the passwords.


Everything is concealed inside a digital image. It’s hard to steal passwords if you don’t know where to look for.

The project is supported by donations. There are no advertisements and it doesn’t cost anything to use.

CrypTego is a password manager that keeps all the passwords safe behind a single master password. This way you only have to remember one password and you can still use separate and secure passwords for different places. Cryptego is available for desktop Windows and Android™.

The passwords  are encrypted with AES-256 which is the leading encryption standard in government and civilian applications. This algorithm accompanied with randomly generated salt and 10 000 rounds of SHA-512 hashing will provide an extremely strong safe for the passwords.

In addition to the encryption, the passwords are concealed to a bitmap image without visually altering the image. This is an efficient method of hiding data in a way that is not detectable without statistical image analysis tools.

Most password managers store passwords in a network cloud or they require internet access, which might be convenient but it is always a security concern. CrypTego will not access the internet, associate with browser to autofill and it goes where you go in a USB flash drive or as an Android app.

CrypTego for Windows

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Download size: 797 kb
Version 2.2 release date 19.7.2017
Author: Joni Juvonen
No installation is required.

Update changes: Added search functionality and copying of a password from inactive window now takes a single click

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CrypTego for Android

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CrypTego is available for Android 3.0 or newer. Download and please rate the App at the Google Play Store.

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